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Proactive management of your manual handling tasks to prevent injuries and increase productivity and staff satisfaction.
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Comprehensive risk management programmes aimed at reducing injuries to both patients and caregivers
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Programmes designed to ensure correct ergonomic workstation, office set up and behaviours to prevent discomfort and injury.
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Raise your staff's awareness of their handling risks and provide them with the tools to prevent injuries from their manual tasks.
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features and benefits

Why our clients choose us over other providers


Customised injury prevention programmes including on site review of your handling tasks and processes

Practical tailored strategies that address your specific manual handling risks to reduce your injuries (LTIs and MTIs) and improve efficiency in your work processes
Participatory collaborative approach

Engaging your staff in the risk management process empowers them to identify solutions to their handling risks which they are more likely to “own” thereby effecting a change in behaviour

Research based programmes that engage all the key stake holders

Research shows that a participatory ergonomic intervention is effective in reducing manual handling injuries and creating a sustainable change in behaviour. (Institute for Work & Health 2009)

Programmes delivered by specialised workplace Physiotherapists

Our expertise as physiotherapists in injury management enables us to detect injury causative factors as well as efficiently managing any injured staff returning to work

Skilled facilitators experienced in training staff across the range of industries in a practical and easy to understand manner

Raise staff’s awareness of their handling risks and how to make changes that will result in less discomfort , pain and risk of injury

Our training content meets the relevant ACC guidelines and helps to achieve legislative requirements under the Health & Safety in Employment Act

Our programmes are delivered by registered Physiotherapists and the content assists you to meet your in legislative and audit requirements